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Java Date Picker is a free, open source Java Application Program Interface (API) distributed as a zip file of Java source files. You may freely use, modify and share the source code. For details of the distribution content, see the Release Note. DatePicker provides a date picker GUI that returns a date in string format with a single mouse click on a calendar date. You can return the date in one of several different formats depending on your regional preferences. Currently Eurpoean, German, UK and US formats are supported.

You can include Date Picker in any Java application you develop requiring a date picker function, either by including the DatePicker.jar file in your project, or by modifying the datepicker source files and building your own datepicker.jar. Please note that this is not a JavaScript offering for using with web pages.

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New version 3.1 released December 9th 2015 to include minor bug fixes - See Release Note. Click Download for the file. DOWNLOAD


DatePicker supports the following features that are demonstrated by running the Swing (JFrame) application included with the distribution:


The DatePicker distribution includes the main class Demo.jar which lets you see the different regional language and date formats and how the datepicker returns the date to a parent application:

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